Raindrops on ..... everything.

Well,at least the snow has melted. It was bee-yooo-tee-ful for almost a week. WOW!!! That's a nice change from the norm. I can't believe that Pittsburgh has more cloudy/rainy days a year than Seattle. Ugh. Whatever.

Today between the raindrops I am making my second attempt at carrot cake. The first attempt ended (as you may have guessed) in a gooey and very unappetizing mess. Funny though, it tasted ok; but ok. I'm trying another recipe with hopes of much improved success since these puppies are going on a trip.

**ok as an aside, I'm EXTREMELY picky about my carrot cake. It stems from being spoiled rotten from the time I was about 5 from my Aunt Judi. She is the QUEEN of baking. OH MY GOSH-she can bake anything and it tastes like a dream come true. MMMmmmm. Anyway-so she made carrot cakes for occasions-Christmas, Easter, Birthdays. I have never (and I mean never) had one as good-not even one close to as good. Here's something funny-I've never asked for the recipe. Don't know why-she'd probably give it to me. I hope one day she does. I wouldn't want to live in a world without Aunt Judi's carrot cake. Mayhaps I should ask.

So these attempts are going with us as a "thank you for letting us stay at your place" gift. I don't really know these people all that well as they are really friends of our friends. The woman is said to be quite a good cook. Oh boy. Well, here's hoping I don't show up with a sloppy, goopy mess. I was going to make scones (since I kick butt with those and could make them in my sleep) but she's making them and how gosh is that? Maybe it isn't gosh, but my Mama raised me to not be a rude guest and that just feels rude. Like I'm saying, "well, I know you made scones, but here are mine and I think they're better than yours, even though I've never had yours and oh, by the bye, thanks for letting us crash here this weekend". I'm sure that (hopefully) wouldn't be the case, but well, I'm making carrot cake. End of discussion.

So hopefully I'll post later and let you all (not that anyone reads this besides my husband who will have already sampled the aforementioned cake) know how it turned out. I'm very slothful when it comes to my blogging these days, with all the other things I've got to do. C'est La Vie.


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