Hi! My name is Biscotti Girl, and I'm a Bejeweled-a-holic.

Seriously. It sucks. But do you know what stinks even more? That I stink at it. Truly-I love to play; oh, purple triangle for four-in-a-row...the game tells me "Awesome", "Amazing", "Good Job" and my score is (drumroll)38,000??!??!!!!!! Then I get to see all of my friends scores. 200,000- ok you are CHEATING!!!! You have to be-I can't be that inept. please???

Do you know what makes it worse? Facebook. That's right, I said it. The dealer who got me hooked is to blame! One minute games. No harm. One game, one minute and then move right on to something else. [says the wily dealer] Oh, look at all the pretty colors, match, match, mat---time up? But, wait, I had a five-in-a-row I was setting up, please let me play again. Just one more time [me, pleading] then I'm done, I swear. I'll cook dinner, I'll vacuum, I'll....sit right here and play all damn day is what I'll do if you let me. Ugh. pathetic, no?

So here I sit, typing away at my laptop blogging about the stupid game and not something baking related. Not that my blog is confined to the limits of my kitchen, mind you. But still, the irony of it is that I was going to blog earlier and delayed because I was .... uh, cleaning, yeah that's it.

Ok it's not. You probably guessed what I was doing, huh? Well this goes out to Mary, Scotty, Mel, AJ and all of you who whip my pants on a regular basis: "STOP IT! I FEEL INFERIOR!!!" Mostly I'm amazed at the ginormous scores these people rack up. It's crazy. I'm happy for them, happier if they'd show me how to master the art of matching. Hmmmm....preschool much? Ok-well, I've blathered enough. Thanks for joining me in my crazy-train to game-ville. Now, back to the jewels...my precious........


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